Looking for professional proofreading services?

I’m a freelance editor and best-selling author, so I’ve worked on both sides of the editing ‘fence’, and understand the benefit of well executed professional proofreading services in the journey to publication. I know how important it is to feel that your work is valued and as well-presented as possible.  I am committed to excellence in the copy editing services I provide, in both UK and US English, and will ensure your writing is ready to publish with clean copy, an attractive layout and an argument that makes sense.

Don’t forget editing requires time

Many writers, especially first-time authors, make the mistake of not leaving enough time for editing.

You’ve written the draft. You’ve hit the deadline. And now you just want to get your work published. But rushing to get your copy off means you’ll  skim it without paying enough attention to detail.

Editing is a crucial part of the writing process – build plenty of time into your schedule to accommodate it . No one creates perfect copy on their first attempt, so allow time for those extra read-throughs, those revisions you meant to make but forgot to complete, that bit of fact checking you hadn’t had time to do.

Don’t edit as you write, but write with time to edit

How to reduce the cost of copy editing services

• Let it rest

Don’t send me your first draft. Your writing needs to rest. And so do you. Leave it for a few days and then re-read it. You’ll catch a lot of your own mistakes that way and reduce the time and money you spend on professional proofreading services or copy editing.

• Schedule time for editing

As mentioned above, editing is part of the writing process, not an added extra. It needs space in your diary, both for a self-edit and a professional one. Also, if you start pressuring your editor to meet an unreasonable deadline simply because you haven’t budgeted your time well, you’ll end up having to pay a premium for their fast-turnaround service.

• Choose the right service for your needs

You may not be entirely sure what your manuscript needs – and that’s fine. Just bear in mind that if you only have chapter headings and a handful of notes, you’re going to need a ghost writer, not an editor. If you’ve done several re-writes, received peer group critique and engaged a line editor, then chances are you’ll just need some professional proofreading services.

Don’t spend money on a service you don’t need.

Criticism or Critique?

Afraid of criticism?

Don’t be. I’m no tyrant.

If you are a first-time author, I understand you may be nervous of feedback, but an editor’s job is to make your writing better, not to crush your dreams.

Your experience matters.

• Yes, I’ll get your copy in tip-top condition.

• Yes, I’ll get it to you on time.

• Yes, I’ll get it to you within budget.

But I’ll also:

• Offer constructive comments and accurate amendments.

• Challenge you if I think your argument doesn’t make sense, or your grammar has lost its way.

• Reply to your queries promptly.

• Remain approachable rather than remote.

Copy editing services

I mostly work with first-time authors and those who choose the self-publishing route. The majority of these clients write non-fiction, although I will consider fiction if it contains no erotic or gratuitously violent content.

I provide a range of copy editing services, including the following:

Proofreading services (Check it)
Copy editing services (Tweak it)
Substantive editing (Re-write it)
Developmental editing (Plan it)

See the Services tab for full descriptions and prices.

If you’re eagle-eyed you’ll have noticed that there’s no button on this page to sign you up to a mailing list.

Why not?

Well, there’s no upsell here.

What you see is what you get.

I’m simply here to make your writing the best that it can be!

I’m committed to excellence in the copy editing services I deliver, and will work with you to ensure your manuscript reflects the knowledge, hard work and passion you have invested in it.

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