copy editing services

I am happy to discuss your individual project and tailor my copy editing services to your requirements. Please contact me here.

Copy editing and proofreading services I provide:

Proofreading: (Check it)

This is usually the final check before a manuscript goes to print.

Aim: To ensure the manuscript is free of typographical errors.

Proofreading means I will:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing errors.

  • Ensure consistency throughout the manuscript of the above, plus type, font and pitch usage.

  • Confirm that table of contents match chapter headings and page numbers.

  • Highlight ambiguous words or phrases.

  • Eliminate poor column or page breaks – including ‘widows’ and ‘orphans’.

  • Ensure illustrations, tables, captions and labels are in the right location and correctly annotated.

Cost: £20.00/hour (USD$32.50/hour)


Copy editing: (Tweak it)

Aim: To ensure the manuscript is error-free and makes sense.

Copy editing includes all of the above, but in addition I will also:

  • Ensure that verbs agree, tenses are correct and pronouns are consistent. For example, a common mistake is to mix up the use of “I” and “we” within a sentence or paragraph.

  • Comment on the suitability of style and tone for your particular audience. Is it pitched right?

  • Check on structure and content. Does the sequence of chapter titles and headings follow a logical order?

  • Check for correct sequencing in lists (such as alphabetical order) and other displayed material.

  • Advise on sentence length and paragraph flow.

Cost: £23.50/hour (USD$38.00/hour)


Substantive editing: (Re-write it)

Aim: To ensure the manuscript is clean, concise and coherent.

Substantive editing is a more in-depth editing approach which may involve re-writing sections (though never the production of new material since that is regarded as ghost writing). It may also involve reorganising paragraphs or sections. It includes all of the services above, but in addition I will also:

  • Eliminate redundancies.

  • Delete or re-phrase colloquialisms and jargon.

  • Question the use of abbreviations. Do they need to be explained?

  • Smooth out transitions and move sentences around to improve readability.

  • Suggest additions and deletions.

Cost: £28.00/hour (USD$45.50)


Developmental editing: (Plan it)

Aim: To produce a clear, logical and appropriate structure for the manuscript.

 Developmental editing usually takes place during, or even before, the early stages of writing. Its purpose is to help the author find their voice and refine their vision. In order to do that this phase considers:

  • The big picture. Does the manuscript fulfil its purpose?

  • The structure. Is it structured in a way that makes its purpose clear? Are too many headings hindering the flow of comprehension, or does the manuscript need more headings to act as signposts for the argument? Advice can be given on planning the overall structure and developing an outline, particularly for non-fiction manuscripts.

  • The argument. Does it make sense and progress in a logical way?

  • Supporting text. Are there sufficient examples to support the main argument, and do any non-textual items such as tables or illustrations need to be included?

Cost: £30.00/hour (USD$49.00/hour)