Bethany Boring, Author of UnMasked, The Journey from Surviving to Thriving

Jackie has gone far beyond my expectations as my book editor. Her personality is filled with patience and encouragement. This is my first book and I was a nervous wreck. Jackie went out of her way to get my book to the best it could be for the market. There are many editors out there, but few that offer the deep level of trust and encouragement as Jackie does. She is amazing!


James Phillip, Author of  ‘Surrogacy: Our Family’s Journey’

‘Jackie completed the work on time and gave me brutally honest feedback on my MS, which was in much better shape to send out as a result. Technically the work was well done, and Jackie was responsive to each query I had. Always helpful and courteous, I would not hesitate to recommend her.’





Dr Linda Mallory       Parentuality Bookcover

Dr L Mallory, Author of ‘Parentuality’ and Founder of The Why Parent, Educational Psychologist and Parent Coach

Jackie kindly proofread my manuscript ‘Parentuality: How to have an amazing relationship with my child.’ It was my first book project and did not know what to expect from the process.

I had three people to read the work before Jackie and she was able to pick up details that no one else had, which made me feel that I needed her earlier in the process! Jackie is brilliant to work with and has a ‘sixth sense,’ for all things text and would recommend her to anyone in whatever stage of writing a book.

Jackie was quick to respond with a fabulous balance of encouragement, pointers to think about and picking up on inconsistencies with an amazing eye for detail. I am in the process of formulating a second book and hope that Jackie will be available to help me on the journey with editing and proof reading. Her insights, encouragement, sensitivity and humour made the proofreading process a joy.

I would not hesitate in recommending Jackie to help in any book project.


Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia, Expert Consultant on high performance teams and individuals:

Edited book on workplace productivity

Jackie’s work was crucial in order to produce a top quality book. As a first-time author myself, her organization and editing skills were essential to create a reader-centered publication. Her recommendations were crucial on all editing fronts, from grammar, spelling and logical structure, to making sure that the intention of the book was communicated consistently throughout. I highly recommend working with her.



Marty_Baker_co-author of Gum on my Shoe

Martin Baker, Author at Gum on My Shoe:

‘Gum on My Shoe: One Step at a Time with My Bipolar Best Friend’

My co-author at Gum on My Shoe, Fran Houston, and I felt an immediate affinity for Jackie, who has soon became a trusted member of the team. She is passionate about her work and cares about her clients. She wants to help bring their projects to fruition and is diligent in questioning approaches, offering suggestions and improvements whilst always respecting where the responsibility for creative decisions lies. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her on board and would recommend her without hesitation.


Max D Gateway

Weight loss ebook: ‘The Mind Controls Weight Loss: Mental attitude determines your life and dreams’

“Excellent work, very fast and highly recommended!”


Tomas Hedberg:

Series of six self-help books: Goal-Setting, Self-Confidence, Motivation, Procrastination, Self-Discipline and Focus.

“Jackie delivered on time and did a great job of structuring my work and writing personal development exercises. I would recommend her to any future client.”